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Global Impact Award Honorees:

Garrett Boone – Community Leader of the Year

Nike – Sustainable Corporate Leader of the Year

Parley for the Oceans – Organization of the Year

Buzz Aldrin – Explorer of the Year

John R. Seydel III – Emerging Male Leader of the Year

Danni Washington – Emerging Female Leader of the Year

Chairs and Host Committee

2018 Honorary Chairs:

Jim & Julie Turner

2018 Chairs:

Amy Turner

Jenna Turner Alexander

2018 Underwriting Chairs:

Rozalyn Colombo

Nancy Gopez

Honorary Chair Emeritus

Trammell S. Crow 2016

Scott Ginsburg 2017

Chair Emeritus

Lynn McBee 2016

Laura Ginsburg Pierson 2017

Ish Arebalos
Kristina Cargill Atwood & Brent Atwood
Katelyn & Oliver Barbier Mueller
Kristy & Jody Bare
Gina & Ken Betts
Donna Brittingham
Rendee Bullard
Cary Clayborn
Robert Colombo
Todd & Allyson Crookshank
Francine Moody-Dahlberg & Kevin Dahlberg
Stacey Delp
Amy Desler
Dean Driver
Amira Duck
Sally Evans
Danny Griego
Sybil Hall & Phoenix Stone
Bailey Harrison
John Hernandez
Danny Griego
Miguel Hoffmann
Amy Hofland
Carol & Matt Holmes
Amanda Hughes
Jessica Johnson
Courtney Kennebeck
Maggie Kipp
Paul Levatino
Stephanie Linder
D’Andra Simmons Lock & Jeremy Lock
Ashley & Rob Lyon
Stephanie Linder
Fred Maldonado
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Kate Rose Marquez
Marty Martinez
Jane McGarry
Terra Najork
Angela Nash
Greg Nieberding & Eddie Ortega
Jonika & Corky Nix
Craig Nyhus
Davana & David Petree
Terri & Brad Phillips
Laura Ginsburg Pierson & Lloyd Pierson
Anne Reeder
Melody & Rick Rogers
Isabell Rossignol
Joshua Rossignol
Capera Ryan
Courtney Crawford Slater & Edward Slater
Summer & Cameron Smith
Sunie & Steve Solomon Cindy Stager & Oscar Durham
Nina & Trevor Tollett

Jessica & Matt Upchurch
Amanda Ward
Nikki & Crayton Webb

Tia & Shel Wynne

Live Auction Highlights

Giraffe Conservation Package

Giraffes have gone extinct in 7 African countries - This is an opportunity to directly participate in a very unique conservation initiative. Join Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Ivan Carter of the Outdoor Channel’s “Carter’s W.A.R.” and the Smithsonian to collar, track and analyze the data of 200 giraffes. You will have the opportunity to follow your giraffe in real time through a mobile app. The lucky bidder will get to choose dates and locations where they would like to participate such as Sub-Saharan deserts of Niger or the savannah areas of Zambia or Zimbabwe.

8 - Day Wildlife Protection Solutions Package

On this very special 8-day safari, guests will have a chance to get behind-the-scenes in the fight to save rhinos and other species from extinction. This insider’s trip will visit the Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS) research camp, where advanced anti-poaching technology is beta tested before being deployed into the field. Guests will spend time with the team on local Big 5 (Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) wild game reserves and gain exclusive insight into how the WPS systems help to prevent poaching.

Luxurious Island Package

Enjoy an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora for 3 nights before you head to The Brando - a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa. The Brando offers carefree luxury in the midst of pristine nature. While enjoying 3 nights at the Brando, you will visit the research station to witness firsthand the biodiversity they are working to protect a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon 30 miles northeast of Tahiti.

Silent Auction Highlights

FattE Electric Bike Package

It’s not quite a bicycle built for two but “His and Hers FattE Electric Bikes” will have you riding in style!

Year Supple of Yerba Mate Tea Package

Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate" all in one beverage. So imagine what a year supple of Yerba Mate Tea and a special drink cooler will do for you

Big Bang Package

With 222 nominations and 67 wins, you will not want to miss out on a chance for you and a guest to fly out to Hollywood and watch a live taping of the “Big Bang Theory”. Package includes 2 Southwest tickets.